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Over 25 years ago, my love for making things began in high school shop class with my first piece of furniture, the “Uncle Andy Table”, a gift for my newborn nephew. I then apprenticed for Jeff Miller (J. Miller Handcrafted Furniture) in Chicago. Since 2003, I’ve side gigged out of my basement workshop in Cincinnati, OH, building commissioned furniture for family, friends and loyal customers across the country.

I work in a variety of domestic and imported hardwoods from around the world. I source from one of the country’s best sources of high quality lumber and veneer: M. Bohlke Veneer Corp. in Fairfield, OH. I can work in dimensional,  rare local reclaimed material and natural edge slabs. All custom pieces get a hand-rubbed finish, allowing the natural beauty of the wood’s grain to come through.

Every piece I produce is custom made, so I don’t carry any inventory. For commissioned work, I can work directly with customers or partner with interior designers or architects to build a unique piece of furniture for your home. I use a combination of power and hand tools for all of my work. 

About Brownell Furniture
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