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Get Outside: Spring/Summer 2021

It has been a long year, and now is the time to get outside to celebrate with family, friends, neighbors and nature. Custom outdoor wood furniture and home decor is a great addition to any setting where you are hosting a gathering, or to simply like to sit back and enjoy the outdoors. From seating and storage to tables and trays, Brownell Furniture can build something personalized and one of a kind for your outdoor oasis. Available in solid, durable hardwoods such as Oak, Sapele and Teak—all materials sourced from a local Cincinnati area business, M. Bohlke Corp. Stainless steel hardware is used for most assembly, and for a finish, you can keep them under cover to preserve the outdoor varnish finish, or skip the finish completely, and let them it go old and grey.

Just remember, Mother Nature always wins.

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