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Teak: Midcentury Gold

Craftsmen have long coveted Teak as a beautiful, and highly sought-after material for high quality furniture, woodwork and decor.  This dense tropical wood has a high oil content, making it highly resistant to rot and decay. This is why it is popular as a durable outdoor furniture material, and it excels in nautical environments. Teak carves and shapes beautifully with hand and power tools, holds a finish, and ages to a rich, light caramel/gold color, with bands of dark brown and black mixed in. It also pairs beautifully with oak, another classic choice for Midcentury modern and Danish modern-influenced furniture. Over the last five years, I've had the unique opportunity to build a number of pieces from teak, with all of the material sourced from a local Cincinnati area business, M. Bohlke Corp. Their selection is one of a kind, and allows me to achieve a great color and grain match, with wide, flat and defect free lumber. From tables of all types to stools, sculpture and bathroom cabinetry, teak is always a great choice that is also one of a kind.

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